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Victor Zarallo in L’Effleure

"Victor Zarallo’s sinuous performance overlaid pagan sensuality and longing on Antonio Vivaldi’s melancholy Stabat Mater. Effleurer means to brush against gently, to cross someone’s mind or to unfold like a flower. Zarallo evoked all three, pulsating in the penumbral gloom with a flower in his mouth."

First Class Magazine

Victor Zarallo in L’Effleure

"Soloist, Victor Zarallo, performed an entrancing contemporary dance titled L’Effleure. This choreography, by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, highlighted Zarallo’s body isolation skills (a testament to his ballroom dance training), his sense of timing and masterful use of space. You could hear a pin drop. In fact, once the performance had ended there was a deafening silence. This was most likely the result of the audience’s utter captivation with how completely immersed in the routine he was. A true professional!"

Theatre Travels